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Unlike price comparison sites that just compare suppliers prices and only on a single person's application (which has no bargaining power), SavingTogether merges your application with millions of other applications across the country - in doing so, obtaining huge volume discounts, impossible to achieve with a single quote... leaving price comparison site savings obsolete!

SavingTogether works using people power, similar to companies like "GROUPON" but on your utility bills and finance - using collective buying power to significantly reduce your cost of living.

Join millions and save up to 50% today - just tick all the relevant services you require then click "Get Quote". We only ask for your basic contact details, your present suppliers and whether you would like to stay with them. There are NO lengthy quotation forms required for a quick quote. See what Sky News say about using collective buying power to reduce the cost of living has led the market by over seven years now. You may have recently seen this article on Sky News explaining how using collective buying power can drastically reduce the cost of living on all your utilities (not just power as Sky news stated). is, and has been, the pioneer of using collective buying power to bring down the cost of all your utilities since 2007.

Utility companies are by no means slow to give up profit and will do what it takes to retain their margins. No corporation likes being forced to lower their margins, whatever their business model - so we have to make it worth their while too.

The advantage to the suppliers using outweighs their losses in % profit by the volume of adding millions of new clients to their business. It's better business to make a smaller percentage of a much larger pot than a bigger percentage of a much smaller pot due to less risk - not forgetting that suppliers also use this volume discount model too by buying utilities from other suppliers, which also gives them better buying power as well. WIN WIN!

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"I strongly welcome this." - Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change
"It's welcome... a good thing!" - Chuka Umunna, Shadow Business Secretary

Together we can slash the cost of living! Together we can slash the cost of living!
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Together we can slash the cost of living!